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Women`s Economic Empowerement Programme

Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs (MLHA)

What is the service?

It is  a Government's initiative to help women groups with seed money to start their own income generation projects. However, this grant accommodates men.  Each group can be assisted with a maximum of two hundred and fifty thousand Pula (P250 000.00).

These grants are avialable to a minimum groups of  5 persons and a maximum of 10 persons. In each group the number of  women should be more than that of men. these groups should have a

How do I access the service?

  • submit a proposal that is 

  • accompanied by a simple, clear and easy to understand project implementation plan with an in-build monitoring sustainability plan.

  • Proposals should be accompanied by a detailed market situational analysis report. Letters of potential customers/buyers should be enclosed.

  • Project Memoranda from organisations submitted should include copies of certificate of registration, certificate of land ownership or lease agreement, list of members and their certified copies of national identity cards, Bank Account and a shareholders certificate of the group. These details will ease the assessment of the project proposal by the Department.

  • Proposals should be prepared in consultation/assistance with relevant local department who will be expected to provide technical assistance during implementation.

  • All project proposals should be channeled through the nearest Women’s Affairs Department Office. Proposals should be sent by post or hand delivered and they should not be faxed.

  • Refer to guidelines documents for more information on the application process.

What is the cost?

There is no cost. 

Where to apply.

Groups may apply in any nearest Gender Affairs Department Office.

For more information you may enquire from any of the offices.

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